Assistant Blog Editor

SleepFlawless | U.S. Only | 9 months ago

HourlyHourlyBeginner (0-23 months)Beginner (0-23 months)Long-termLong-termUnder 30 hrs/wkUnder 30 hrs/wk

We are currently hiring freelance writers from around the world working on creating content for our sleep-focused blog, but we would like to have someone locally working to assist with editing article content.

We’d like to hire someone to work part-time, only 4-7 hours per week at first. We’re extremely flexible with what the exact hours can be. Our goal is to find someone who could be a good fit long term. As we continue to grow you will have more opportunities for more work.

This job may be a good fit for you if you have experience and/or interest in:

Article Editing
Article Writing
Administrative Tasks