Contract Senior Writer

My Next Season | Unknown | 8 months ago

UnknownUnknownIntermediate (2-5 years)Intermediate (2-5 years)Long-termLong-termOver 30 hrs/wkOver 30 hrs/wk

The Senior Writer is contracted to craft resumes, executive biographies and other content for My Next Season clients on a project by project basis. Each project is carried out through client phone interview(s) and a collaborative review and edit process with the client, client Advisor and the External Engagement team.
Essential Functions * Conducts phone interviews with senior-level executives to gain necessary information for creation of resume, executive biographies and other content.

Uses My Next Season provided client information, interview data and other research material as necessary to craft a resume, executive biography to position client for next season goals.
Collaborates with client, Advisor and External Engagement team members to review and edit documents as necessary to meet client expectations.
Meets My Next Season turnaround times for projects: one week from interview for first draft of resume or executive bio, as applicable, and 24 hours for minor edits/changes.
Adheres to My Next Season processes and style guides as they relate to email communications, interview process, collaborative editing, review procedures and final project delivery.
Maintains project status reports as needed.