Contract Writer – The Western Journal

The Western Journal | U.S. Only | 10 months ago

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This position requires one to three articles per day, several days per week, but the specific schedule can vary.

Articles will appear in the Commentary section of The Western Journal under your byline. You may read more about The Western Journal here and view our Editorial Standards and Guidelines here.

We will pick a topic and headline for you, as well as provide a source article to get you started. This process can be iterative, of course -- sometimes the initial headline or angle of the story will need modification as more information becomes known about a given topic. In most cases, you will need to do additional research to ensure that you have a thorough grasp of the topic and can write at least 340 words and 16 paragraphs about it in a thoughtful and credible fashion.

We pay a starting rate of $15-20 per article, depending on experience and skill level.


Conduct research and analysis on topics and events assigned by editorial team.
Report and comment on current events, U.S. politics, domestic and international affairs, and other relevant topics.
Assemble statements, data and other evidence to support any claims made in the report.
Accept feedback from editorial team and apply new knowledge to writing for our highly engaged audience.