External Script Writer

Pixelberry | U.S. Only | 7 months ago

UnknownUnknownIntermediate (2-5 years)Intermediate (2-5 years)Long-termLong-termUnder 30 hrs/wkUnder 30 hrs/wk

We are looking for writers to work on contract, delivering content for our hit mobile game “Choices: Stories You Play.” The content will come in the form of scripts that include dialogue, descriptions of action, and branching narratives based on player choices. Payment will come on delivery of chapters (approximately 5000 words each) with bonuses upon hitting certain milestones. Pay rate is competitive.


You will be working with an editor to deliver high-quality interactive narrative content for the game “Choices: Stories You Play” in the form of game scripts. You’ll be provided with some general training and samples of our formatting, as well as a detailed outline for the content you’ll be writing. You’ll receive feedback on each chapter you complete and revise as necessary, with the expectation of one round of revisions. You’ll also keep track of story elements like characters and locations and write short descriptions for how you envision them for us to give to our art team.