Growth Content Contract Editor

Nectafy | WorldWide | 2 months ago

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We’re looking for an amazing B2B content editor to help us deliver engaging, effective growth content for our clients. Our writers produce blogs and other written content; you’ll be working in tandem with them to help them refine their ideas and produce the high-quality content our clients have come to expect.

What You'll Experience
You’ll get to collaborate with our highly motivated remote team in order to help our clients succeed.
You’ll be able to budget your time consistently each month to maximize your effectiveness. The total output stays fairly consistent.
You’ll be treated professionally and positively.

About Nectafy
We’re bold. As a completely remote growth content agency, Nectafy is on the front edge of redefining how a company works and interacts with clients—and delivers amazing results. We like to think of ourselves as pioneers...without the covered wagons.
We’re curious. We love to learn and and we’re always up for a challenge. Every day is full of new opportunities. Like remembering which team member is in which time zone. (We’re in all four U.S. time zones and one time zone in Europe.)
We’re efficient. We use the leanest, meanest tools.
We’re fun, doggone it. We're a positive, encouraging team that knows how to get stuff done and smile while we’re doing it.

What We Value
Our core values are more than some words on a wall, we measure our actions and decisions by these five principles. We’re looking for a contract editor who operates a similar way. We value:

Long-term solutions not quick fixes.
Intentional learning not complacency.
Radical excellence not industry standards.
Personal leadership not passive reliance.
Team success not personal status.
We’re looking for someone with:

A love of editing
Excellent written communication skills, including impeccable grammar, punctuation, and spelling
Working knowledge of and experience in AP Style
The motivation to produce a high-quality final product with attention to detail
The ability to revise text for flow and cohesion, both on a big-picture level and sentence-level
The ability to provide and receive respectful critique
Fun to be around (at least virtually!)
As a content editor for Nectafy, you’ll be responsible for helping us maintain our current high-quality writing product by:

Offering comments to improve our writers’ drafts based on the items listed on our in-house editing checklist
Collaborating with writers to the extent necessary to produce an amazing piece of content
Turning around submitted articles within a reasonable period of time (we would consider this to be anywhere from 2-3 days after submission)