Remote Backend Engineer

HealthPrize | U.S. Only | 10 months ago

UnknownUnknownIntermediate (2-5 years)Intermediate (2-5 years)Long-termLong-termUnder 30 hrs/wkUnder 30 hrs/wk

We are looking for self-motivated engineers to join our team to help take our platform to the next level. At HealthPrize, Backend Engineers have a deep understanding of progressive web application fundamentals and the back-end architecture required to power a suite of globally distributed apps. They consistently deliver large features that provide significant value to our customers. They collaborate well with others, seek input from teammates, and provide detailed code reviews.

We are polyglots at heart, and like to use the right tools for the job. Currently, our core technologies include Java, Kotlin, Aurora/MySQL, Spring-Boot & the broader Spring Framework ecosystem, Docker, Redis and all the goodness on Amazon Web Services. Our platform is fully deployed on AWS in a highly secure environment that we manage & operate.

As a successful candidate, you:

Love to deliver useful software
Have strong experience as a professional developer working with a distributed team
Are passionate about shipping code that is scalable, maintainable and well-tested
Are fluent in the Java and/or Kotlin language and can reason about the JRE
Can successfully communicate with internal and external stakeholders to resolve operational concerns & customer issues
Enjoy optimizing complex data models for understandability and performance
Are not dogmatic in your technology choices, but have the passion and knowledge to engage in debates about various tooling and technologies
Have experience designing, implementing, and maintaining APIs as a service for your team and customers
Are familiar with our open source stack and associated tooling
Have experience deploying and operating services-oriented platforms on AWS infrastructure
Are interested in building a reliable, fault-tolerant, multi-tenant platform and delivering it to a global user base