Resume Writer and Branding Specialist

Happen to Your Career | WorldWide | 7 months ago

FixedFixedIntermediate (2-5 years)Intermediate (2-5 years)Long-termLong-termOver 30 hrs/wkOver 30 hrs/wk

At Happen to Your Career we are a small, rapidly growing, company that believes in doing work you love and doing work in your strengths.

We value potential over experience and give high preference to those are already familiar with our brand and how we help people live the life they want to!

In this contract project position you will be working closely with myself, our Content Team, our Partnerships team, and our Director of Career Change Bootcamp for all of our products and brands (Happen to Your Career, Career Change Bootcamp, Family Passport, etc).

This is a 100% remote work contract project position. It starts with a small project contract and depending on how you do will grow from there!

It’s paid both on retainer for services and results generated for Happen to Your Career.