Increasing your ability to win projects

Freelancer & educator Nathan Allotey reveals how you can increase your ability to close deals with your ideal clients.

Selling as a freelancer

Sales expert Bruno Padilha shares his best advice for freelancers who are ready to step up their sales game.

Working with clients you love

Freelance expert Ian Vadas teaches what it takes to work with clients you actually love by using his client process map.

Work From Anywhere

Digital nomad Jake Jorgovan, explains how to successfully earn an income remotely using your existing skills, and have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

Attracting high-value clients

Freelancer & educator Nathan Allotey explains how you can attract high-value clients and avoid low-ballers and tire-kickers.

Cold emails that convert

Solopreneur Preston Lee dives into the process he uses to routinely close 5-figure deals with strangers.

Contact your dream clients

Solopreneur Preston Lee reveals how you can define & identify your ideal client, uncover their email address, and contact them successfully.

Charging what you’re worth

Freelancer & educator Nathan Allotey reveals how you can charge what you’re really worth as a freelancer.

How Much Should You Charge?

Freelancer April Greer explains how to value your work, charge what you’re worth, and make a living doing what you love. 

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Pitching high-profile clients

with Ryan Robinson

Six-figure freelancer, Ryan Robinson shares the techniques he uses to land huge clients like Google, Adobe, and Linkedin

Turning one-off clients into retainer revenue

with Chelsea Baldwin

Freelancer-turned-agency-builder Chelsea Baldwin answers all your questions about upselling to get retainer agreements.

Using Instagram to get clients & boost revenue

with Dina Rodriguez

Artist and Instagrammer, Dina Rodriguez share the methods she uses to double-dip on revenue from her creative business.

Converting portfolio visitors to paying clients

with Jared Gold

Website conversion expert, Jared Gold, gives us his best advice for converting portfolio visitors into actual customers & clients.

Scaling your freelancing without giving up freedom

with Paul Jarvis

Freelancer turned online entrepreneur, Paul Jarvis, shares his strategies to scaling a freelance business without having to grow it.

Passing six figures in 1 year of freelancing

with Rob Palmer

Full-time freelance & entrepreneur, Rob Palmer, shares his tactics to approaching freelancing with a target of reaching six-figure income.

Reaching six-figures income in first year of freelancing

with Rob Allen

Freelance copywriter, Rob Allen, shares how he made $5000/month in recurring income from his clients + how SolidGigs helped him get there.

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Getting more clients from your website 

by Matt Olpinski

50 pages packed with actionable advice you can use to improve your website and start attracting more clients today.

The Perfect Project Proposal (Template)

by Matt Olpinski

An effective proposal should be should be properly designed, well-written, and free of legal jargon. With this proposal template, you’ll impress more clients and win more projects.

14 Point Freelance Business Plan (Template)

Craft your freelance business strategy & increase your chances of finding success.

Price Increase Letter (Template)

Learn all about a price increase letter – what it is, reasons to send it, when to send it plus a free template to download for yourself.

Cold Email Outreach (Template)

by Rob Allen

Freelance Copywriter and Email Magician, Rob Allen, shares his cold email script that will get clients scrambling all over you for your services!

Freelance Invoice Templates

6 free invoicing templates to simplify your freelancing process.

One Page Business Plan (Template)

A quick-to-use template + guide, tailored particularly to freelancers & solopreneurs.

Client Response Scripts & Templates

15 Proven client email templates to help you run your service-based business more smoothly.

Master Financial Spreadsheet

by Matt Olpinski

Getting paid is important, but what do you do with the money once you have it?  With these 5 powerful spreadsheets, you’ll keep your finances in check and save more money in the process.

Getting your first client with SolidGigs

by Preston Lee

Solopreneur Preston Lee shares his entire process for searching, finding, pitching, and ultimately landing your dream gig.

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How I turn full-time job listings into perfect freelance gigs

by Chelsea Baldwin

Freelancer-turned-agency-builder Chelsea Baldwin shares her own process for converting job board listings into profitable client relationships.

How to find high-paying clients from job-boards

by Jorden Roper

Freelancer and founder of, Jorden Roper explains her strategy to finding work from job-boards, so you can start winning high-paying work.