How to use this course

In the program, you’ll learn and use the same concepts, mindsets, templates, scripts and high-level strategies and tactics I’ve used to help grow my freelance revenue and work on more satisfying projects.

The course is made up of the steps in The Process Map. The map forms a process that has worked many times for me, and if you follow it, it will work for you too.

The Process Map

Implementing some of the steps might be something you feel more comfortable doing down the road. That’s OK.

This new process will take some time for you to get used to so if you decide to omit paid discovery, for example, and instead choose not to charge your client for a discovery phase, you’ll still get a lot out of the course.
Some of the map is also modular. For example, the Followup Sequence, with a few tweaks, can be started anytime you don’t hear back from a prospect or client.

Small tweaks can be made to the map, and you can still get great results.

But this is a great starting place for a process that you can use as-is, or tweak it and perfect it according to what works best for your business situation.

Welcome again, and enjoy the program!

– Ian