SolidGigs Masterclasses

How to pitch your services (& pricing) clearly

In this SolidGigs Masterclass, Bobby dives right in to the best ways to communicate your services, whether you should put your pricing on your website or not, and how to quickly create your own rate card.

How to identify your ideal client

Check out this Masterclass to dive right into how you can identify who your ideal client really is, so you can stop wasting your time working with the wrong clients and start working with purpose for profit.

How to land freelance clients with big budgets

In this Masterclass, Matt shares what he has learned over his 11 year career to land big budget clients. You will be on your way to earning more by following these 6 important steps.

Coming Soon

Using Local Search to Attract Clients in 10 Steps

This Masterclass, hosted by Ian, gives you a quick 10 step guide into how you can turn your freelance website into a client-generating machine for local searches.