SolidGigs Masterclasses

How to price your services confidently and get paid more for each job

Rob dives right into this Masterclass to show you how you can position yourself as a pro freelancer to gain the price you deserve, plus tips on how to set your rates.

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How to pitch your services (& pricing) clearly

In this SolidGigs Masterclass, Bobby dives right in to the best ways to communicate your services, whether you should put your pricing on your website or not, and how to quickly create your own rate card.

How to identify your ideal client

Check out this Masterclass to dive right into how you can identify who your ideal client really is, so you can stop wasting your time working with the wrong clients and start working with purpose for profit.

How to land freelance clients with big budgets

In this Masterclass, Matt shares what he has learned over his 11 year career to land big budget clients. You will be on your way to earning more by following these 6 important steps.

How to hold the perfect first meeting with a client

Julia teaches you in this SolidGigs Masterclass how to mentally prepare yourself, plus ways to interact and communicate with the client that will present you as a professional freelancer.

Using local search to attract clients in 10 steps

This Masterclass, hosted by Ian, gives you a quick 10 step guide into how you can turn your freelance website into a client-generating machine for local searches.

How to set your client onboarding on autopilot

James teaches you in this Masterclass the best methods for onboarding a new client with ease. You’ll learn that automating your process is the key to getting more done.

How to write the perfect cold sales email

If you are like so many others and struggle with how to write the perfect cold sales email, look no further. Jay has figured it out and shares in this how-to Masterclass.

Pitching high-profile clients

Six-figure freelancer, Ryan Robinson shares the techniques he uses to land huge clients like Google, Adobe, and Linkedin

Turning one-off clients into retainer revenue

Freelancer-turned-agency-builder Chelsea Baldwin answers all your questions about upselling to get retainer agreements.

Using Instagram to get clients & boost revenue

Artist and Instagrammer, Dina Rodriguez share the methods she uses to double-dip on revenue from her creative business.

Converting portfolio visitors to paying clients

Website conversion expert, Jared Gold, gives us his best advice for converting portfolio visitors into actual customers & clients.

Scaling your freelancing without giving up freedom

Freelancer turned online entrepreneur, Paul Jarvis, shares his strategies to scaling a freelance business without having to grow it.

Passing six figures in 1 year of freelancing

Full-time freelance & entrepreneur, Rob Palmer, shares his tactics to approaching freelancing with a target of reaching six-figure income.

Reaching six-figures income in first year of freelancing

Freelance copywriter, Rob Allen, shares how he made $5000/month in recurring income from his clients + how SolidGigs helped him get there.