Editors/Proofreaders – Insurance Transcripts

NetTranscripts | U.S. Only | 8 months ago

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NetTranscripts is looking to work with individuals who have experience proofreading and correcting draft versions of audio transcriptions through an all-in-one transcription platform such as InScribe, 3M ChartScript, Winscribe, or similar. All work is completed within our all-in-one transcription platform. Editors will receive a draft of a transcript that has been created by speech-to-text technology, then listen to the corresponding audio while proofreading and correcting the document to ensure it meets accuracy requirements. Typical corrections include correcting speakers who were mis-identified, correcting the accuracy of words spoken, punctuation, and formatting. You should also be committed to being available for work on a consistent basis. We find those most happy with contracting complete 60+ minutes of work each day Monday through Friday.

• Work on your own schedule
• Work as many hours as you want
• Grow your business at your own pace
• Have open access to work 24/7

• You must be an American citizen residing in the USA and be able to pass a full criminal background check
• You should have prior experience transcribing or editing with an all-in-one platform such as InScribe, 3M, ChartScript, Winscribe or similar
• English must be your first language and you must have stellar grammar skills
• You must be able to type 70 WPM
• You must have a good ear and able to decipher different voices/accents
• You must be able to produce a transcript that is at least 99.6% accurate
• You must be able to work on a computer with Microsoft Windows 10 and Google Chrome as your web browser
• You should have or be willing to purchase noise canceling headphones, and an Infinity USB-2 foot pedal.
• Have a high speed Internet connection (i.e. you can effectively stream a YouTube video)
• Be proficient at research on the Internet
• Be able to meet posted deadlines
• Be computer savvy; able to learn new programs quickly and independently THE PROCESS
• Submit your resume and application
• Complete an assessment process to demonstrate your proofreading skills and ability to learn our software.