Freelance Copywriter

ACUE | U.S. Only | 9 months ago

HourlyHourlyAdvanced (5-10 years)Advanced (5-10 years)Short-termShort-termUnder 30 hrs/wkUnder 30 hrs/wk

ACUE is seeking a copyeditor to perform line editing and quality assurance reviews for our new Effective

Online Teaching Practices course, which supports an audience of college educators nationwide. The copyeditor is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and readability of ACUE’s courseware, returning high-quality and error-free text within tight time frames.

Skills and Experience

At least 5 years of copyediting experience, preferably for an academic journal, research group, or publishing company
Must have precise knowledge of APA format (7th edition), including in-text citations and reference entries as well as standards for spelling, numbers, headings, and all other style considerations
Highly detail oriented
Excellent written communication
Works efficiently and accurately on tight deadlines
Experience editing manuscripts (Preferred)