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We're looking for innovative, experienced SEO writers who know how to create articles that will rank on Google and drive purchase intent through high converting, SEO-optimized copy. You are obsessed with data and work quickly and accurately. You bring expertise, knowledge and fun to a variety of topics - whether you’re writing about 35 of the best outdoor furniture sets on Amazon Prime or optimizing a “Which Member of BTS Are You?” quiz.


● You have a comprehensive knowledge of SEO writing and optimizing, know how to use the Yoast plugin within WordPress, and when looking at an existing article, can immediately find additional ways to improve its ranking or additional ways to optimize it for search engines

● You know how to use SEMrush and can use it to find the proper keywords for optimizations

● You also have a strong commerce product writing background, whether affiliate or straightforward e-commerce. You write content that converts. You get folks to click, purchase, rinse, repeat.

● You have a clear, casual, punchy writing style and know-how to generate excitement about a product, but if the article calls for it, you can also write a more formal consumer report. You can make your reader stop, read, and really want to learn more about the product no matter the tone.

● You never stop asking “Is this clickable? Is this shareable?” When the answer is “No,” you know how to fix it or nix it. You know when a product will really catch the eye.

● You’re familiar with standard CMS (Wordpress in particular) and have some graphic design chops.

● You work well with an editor, are comfortable taking notes and rewriting as needed.

● You can knock out a full 37 product listicle, an informative blog-style post, or a deep-dive review into a single product with the same level of detail, professionalism, and clarity.

● You take deadlines seriously and can turn around content quickly.

● You work fast and you’re clever as hell, but what you write appeals to anyone.

● You're funny, and it shows in your writing.

● You're a sideways thinker and endlessly flexible.


● You can point to something you’ve written or optimized that ranks in the #1 spot on Google.

● You’ve written posts for publishers with a successful affiliate strategy.

● You don’t take yourself too seriously but you do get it done right the first time.

● You’re not afraid to ask questions, but you like being a self-starter.

● You have experience writing in voices other than your own.

● You’ve caught at least one grammar mistake in this post.


● Please send resume and examples of relevant work

● Please write a one-paragraph description of this camping tent, perfectly optimized for SEO:

Then, explain to us:

● How you determined the best way to write it

● What research went into it

● Why you made those specific choices

*Please note that any submissions without the copy test will be deemed incomplete. Only

candidates with a completed application will be considered for the position.



If you look at for examples, a single “slide” is the combination of a header, image, and copy underneath. The majority of our articles range from 10 - 30 slides.

*Remote Position