Lead Editor, Emergency Home Improvement

Wirecutter | U.S. Only | 1 year ago

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Wirecutter is seeking a lead editor to assign and maintain our product coverage. We called it the “emergency home improvement lead editor” to get your attention. If you thought an “emergency home improvement” was something you should investigate, you might be the kind of person we’re looking for.

Why you should apply:

A lot of people would rather get a sharp stick in the eye than shop for an air conditioner. You, on the other hand, would love nothing more than to have a writer survey the major retailers to make a spreadsheet of all the best air conditioners money can buy, discuss the merits of those models with you, make a plan for which air conditioners you really want to try, and then find a way to get them all into an overheated room to test them out. And you want to figure it out by March. That is how seriously you take air conditioner shopping. Or lawn mower shopping. Or showerheads. Even light bulbs! In fact, you’re about to go to Home Depot just for fun right now.

You should apply if you can understand how a person thinks about a home product purchase whether they’re a renter or a homeowner, in an apartment or house, in a city or the suburbs, on a budget or with money to burn. Ideally, you have lived in all these scenarios yourself, and can understand at once what anyone reading this guide would need to know. You’ve shopped for this stuff, too. And you’ve borne the burden of buyer’s regret, that cruel torment you’ve come to Wirecutter to help others avoid.

In a cover letter with your application, please tell us an example of your own buyer’s regret—what you bought, why it failed, and how you figured out what to get instead.

Job Responsibilities:

Work with a senior editor to set the strategy for your beat.
Assign projects to freelance and staff writers.
Discern what’s essential and what’s unnecessary in your categories.
Use data to track your work’s performance, and use that research to propose new ideas.
Write short form and occasional long-form content as required.
Show passion for the material, balanced by skepticism.
Engage with topics long-term to stay current as the readers’ options change.
Interact with our reader community.
Contribute original ideas to test planning, and help oversee and execute product tests.
Suggest creative reporting strategies, challenge writers’ assumptions, and recognize the most authoritative source on a topic—whether it’s a specialty enthusiast group on a forum, or a product manager at a major manufacturer.