Resume Writer

The Job Sauce | WorldWide | 1 year ago

FixedFixedIntermediate (2-5 years)Intermediate (2-5 years)Long-termLong-termUnder 30 hrs/wkUnder 30 hrs/wk

We’re a career advancement company focused on helping individuals land dream jobs. We don’t work for companies, we work for people. Founded in 2014 by a LinkedIn employee, we deliver two primary services:

What does this role entail?

Resume writers work with clients to overhaul their resume so it passes through applicant tracking systems (ATS checks) and impresses hiring managers in both format and content. The writers then use the upgraded resume to fine-tune content for the client’s LinkedIn profile page.

Responsibilities include:

✓ Rewrite and edit client resumes and LinkedIn Profiles

✓ Clearly brief clients on the resume upgrade process

✓ Consult with clients via phone and online as needed

✓ Deliver first-in-class service in a timely manner

✓ Promote The Job Sauce’s brand and services

✓ Stay educated in industry trends pertaining to resumes, LinkedIn profiles, hiring and recruiting

Required skills/experience:

✓ Able to work 6-10 hours a week minimum and/or minimum capacity of 4 new clients per week

✓ 5 or more years of experience as a resume writer

✓ Edited a minimum of 75 resumes

✓ Excellent written and verbal communication skills

✓ Must maintain a 4-star average rating, and quickly correct any and all breakdowns in the delivery of resume upgrades

✓ Ability to translate client experiences into quantifiable results that speak to the responsibilities and requirements of the client’s targeted roles and industries

✓ Strong understanding of various industries and job functions including entry level, technical, professional, and executive roles

✓ Knowledge of different resume formats, ATS capabilities, and the ability to determine the best formats for each individual

✓ Exceptional customer service and communication abilities such that clients experience being taken care of and are happy with their choice to work with The Job Sauce

✓ Strong experience using CRM platforms and Google Suite