Marginal Revolution | Unknown | 6 months ago

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Marginal Revolution University is seeking a freelance scriptwriter to join its growing team. If you have the combination of a background in both filmmaking and economics, we are looking for you!

Work with a growing startup that is tackling the important question of how to best teach using video and other online tools.

Marginal Revolution University is an innovative online education platform that helps professors teach and students learn the economic way of thinking through video. The MRU team creates and markets engaging, high-production value videos and online courses that supplement the traditional classroom experience.


A mastery of economics - we’ve found that lucid, clear videos require a deep understanding of the underlying concepts.
A strong communicator who can collaborate with professors/teachers and video producers to create excellent videos.
Economics teaching experience.
Video production/scriptwriting experience - communicating economics through other means (writing, podcasts) is good as well.