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We are seeking for a professional, who will provide a number of customizations to LearnPress. If this is comfortable, we are interested in a long-term cooperation, where we will be providing a stable flow of customization & debugging requests for our project.

As for now we would order the following improvements to the LearnPress Plugin:

1. Additional types of questions for quizes:
1.1. choose a correct word among two or three options within the text. E.g. “Large text of 200 (words/swords/awards) goes here and student should choose the option ‘words’ among three options in the brakets. And we should be able to add this type of questions multiple times within one text in one question. This also may be a dropdown list of three options.”
1.2. short text to be checked by the tutor manually limited by the X number of words.
1.3. a large text (essay) to be checked by the tutor manually limited by the X number of words. .
1.4. peer review (by other students in the course) of the text in the previous two option.
1.5. comments under each quiz lesson as an option.
1.6. WYSIWYG editor in questions of the quiz, that allows us to add video or audio file as a part of a question content.
1.7. plasing pictures in a right order as a question type.
1.8. add an additional option as “not given” to the “true/false” questions
1.9. Matching of two rows of options available.
1.10. Fill in the table.
1.11. Time limit for one question option.
1.12. Recording of speech as as answer to a question to test speaking abilities of a student to be manually checked by the tutor.

2. Additional Assignment features:
2.1. Teacher’s private feedback to a student under each assignment.

3. If we add a pdf as a contnet of the quiz description or a lesson contnet, then it transforms to paginated presentation window, where student may “turn pages” of the pdf with the left-right arrows.

The budget is dicussable. We may think of dividing the task to a smaller orders.