Navigating complicated legal contracts can be nerve-racking and leave you with lots of questions:

Are you including the most important elements in your contract?

Is your client trying to take advantage of you?

Is there too much…or not enough… in your contract?

Will it hold up in court if the need arises?

We totally hear you.

We’ve crafted a simple, 7-part course outlining, in detail, everything you need to know about a basic freelance contract.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this 7-part video course

Each section contains a video in which we’ll explain the different elements of a strong contract.

1: Introduction and Recitals

2: Services

3: Term & Termination

4: Fees & Expenses

5: Independent Contractor Status

6: Applicable Law & Jurisdiction

7: Miscellaneous Sections

You’ll find this easy-to-digest guide will make a mountain of difference in how you use, create, and read contracts in the future.

Let’s jump right in!