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The Old Wayfrustrated freelancer The SolidGigs Way happy freelancer
Rely on unpredictable client referrals x check Enjoy predictable leads every weekday
Spend hours sifting through job boards x check Focus on work you actually enjoy
Share 30% of your paycheck with a platform x check Keep 100% of your client paychecks
Give up control of your client relationship x check Maintain full control of your client relationships

How SolidGigs Works

SolidGigs is not a freelance marketplace like Upwork or Fiverr. Instead, we're a lead generation tool you can plug into your existing freelance business. Here's what happens once you sign up:

1You Set Up Search Rules

Tell us exactly what kinds of freelance jobs you want to receive. Adjust location, budget, keywords, and much more for a custom-tailored experience.

Search Rules Examples

2We Search Dozens of Sources

Our talented team of "gig hunters" along with powerful AI matching tools work together to search the most popular freelance job sources including job boards, marketplaces, RFPs, social media, and more.

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3We Send You the Details

When our team finds a gig that fits your search rules, we'll add it to your dashboard. Plus, we'll send you an email so you never miss a great opportunity.

SolidGigs email alert

4You Send a Pitch

Click the "send a pitch" button and you'll automatically be sent to the original source. We don't force you into our ecosystem. And we don't take a percentage of your paycheck.

SolidGigs send a pitch

5You Hunt Less & Grow More

Need we say more? Say goodbye to spending 50% of your workweek hunting down your next client. Let us do it for you—freeing up time for you to grow your business.

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Try for free. Upgrade starting at $21/mo. Cancel anytime.

What people are saying about SolidGigs

Robert Testimonial"I'm completely booked out for the next 6-12 months...a lot thanks to SolidGigs." —Robert Allen, Freelance Copywriter

Kyle Testimonial“I’m a huge fan of the simplicity with SolidGigs. I can find legit opportunities in a clear, concise manner.” —Kyle Kroeger, Freelancer Nomad

Gail Testimonial“SolidGigs is very quick and easy. It’s like hope in your inbox! ...Much better than someone else getting a percentage of my hard-earned dollars.” —Gail Gonzales, Freelance Austin

Anna Testimonial“For those feeling stuck in the job search phase, it’s worth giving SolidGigs a try. This is where SolidGigs really shines.” —Anna Barker, Logical Dollar

Daniel Testimonial“SolidGigs could be the platform that finally helps you take off with quality clients.” —Daniel Friedman, This Online World

Mateo Testimonial“...The jobs that arrived in my email showcased very professional companies and literally, solid opportunities.”—Mateo Melgar, Freelance Writer

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