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What are the Best Freelance Websites in 2021?

Anyone can be their own boss these days. In the wake of COVID, companies are embracing the benefits of remote contract work, and freelancer demand is surging.

Becoming a freelancer gives you a chance to work on your own terms and maximize your earning potential. You can fill in gaps in your day and start a lucrative side hustle to supplement your monthly income. Maybe you can even turn in the 9 to 5 for a full time career built around your passions.

As work opportunities and online job services expand, you can be confident that your freelancing efforts will be supported. With that said, not all freelance websites offer the same ROI for serious contractors. It can be easy to fall into work that is inconsistent, pays poorly or does not advance your career.

To help you realize your freelancing goals, we compiled this list of the best freelance websites in 2021. Whether you want part time projects or a full time job, these services set you on the right path.

What is Freelancing?

Being a freelancer means working for yourself. Freelancers sell their work to companies as contracted hires rather than employees. Common labels for a freelancer include self-employed, independent contractor or contract-to-hire.

Because freelancers are not technically employees, they are not beholden to most HR policies. They can set their own hours, work remotely and operate according to their own style and schedule.

While they enjoy considerable independence, freelancers also have more accounting responsibilities than on-the-books employees. Earnings are not automatically taxed and they have to keep track of their own hours and rates.

Top Websites that are Known to Hire Freelancers

There are countless places to find freelancer jobs online in 2021. We handpicked the top freelance websites based on the following criteria:

  • Reputability
  • Client profile
  • Earning potential
  • Ease of use
  • User support

This article will look at the best freelance websites serving general job hunters as well as high-demand niche sites.

General Freelance Websites


As one of the leading general job search websites, Indeed is rich with opportunities for freelancers. Employers like Indeed for its affordable posting costs, making it a go-to for filling project freelancer roles.

If you are just starting your freelance career, Indeed is a great place to start. Many employers do not require extensive experience or education, and the service itself offers useful resources for finding success.


Fiverr is a trusted, secure website built for easily connecting freelancers with projects. It hosts a wide array of marketing, writing, editing and design jobs, giving newbies numerous chances to build portfolios. Freelancers and buyers both enjoy the secure guaranteed payments and talent matching system.


One thing freelancers can all agree on is the nuisance of hunting for clients. SolidGigs happily takes that weight off of your back by manually checking nearly 100 sites, gig lists and job boards for the best freelancing opportunities you can find on the web.

SolidGigs provides its freelancers with only the highest quality leads. Giving you the top 1% of gigs found in their extensive search so you can trade your worst clients for some of the best companies in the world.


Finance and IT jobs are exploding in the freelance market. Upwork is a great source for those starting their careers in these lucrative industries.

New users are helped out with free proposals to get started. Once you establish yourself, it is common to find recurring clients who can give you reliable, well-paying jobs. Upwork careers are an excellent starting point for building your own small business.


CloudPeeps connects clients to freelancers working in social media, SEO copywriting, marketing and graphic design.

CloudPeeps is excellent for experienced freelancers looking to sell their services. Users can create profiles, set package rates and negotiate with clients. Top performers can also be promoted on the platform, receiving additional perks to make job hunting easier.


FlexJobs is one of the best freelance websites for job seekers and employers in any line of business. The simple platform covers a broad range of careers, making it a great choice for anyone seeking part or full time jobs.

The portal makes it easy to establish a profile and engage in a secure job search with trusted employers. FlexJobs earned its credibility, so freelancers can feel secure in finding a job that fits their life.

Designing Websites


Graphic designers can generate excellent income with 99designs. Clients connect with designers to make everything from logos to web apps.

New designers benefit greatly from the experience of working with clients and handling briefs. For a platform fee, 99designs helps you manage your business so you can grow as a professional. And if you stick with them, 99designs will even reduce your fees, keeping more money in your pocket.


Like 99designs and similar graphic design websites, DesignHill helps talented creatives find clients, often through contests. Buyers like DesignHill’s services because of the vast selection of design services and relatively low costs. Companies can get comprehensive branding for their website, collateral and even giveaways like t-shirts.


Gigs, full time jobs and internships are all available for designers and art directors at Behance. Job postings cover a diverse blend of artistic avenues, including freelance web design photography, fashion, graphics, and much more. No matter your niche specialty, if it involves creativity, you can find opportunities on Behance.


Product and new media designers can find a wealth of engaging opportunities on Dribbble. Job hunters and clients connect easily through the user-friendly platform, making it ideal for first timers. Plus, users can draw inspiration from other artists and use the Dribbble educational resources to grow as designers.

Developer Websites

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a community of developers helping each other answer technical questions and grow professionally. Teams are able to open private workspaces to collaborate and companies can build their brand. Developers are actively sought after on the job board, where employers offer easy applications for high-paying freelance programming jobs.

Front-end developers looking to grow their careers can benefit from CodePen’s collaborative environment. The platform gives coders a chance to develop and test projects, expand their knowledge and promote their work.

Major industry leaders bring their development teams to CodePen’s community, giving them a workspace to present, educate and create. If you are looking for freelance web developer jobs, CodePen gives you a platform to grow your network.


Gigster is a web and software development provider that curates top talent for freelance coding jobs. If you pass their rigorous screening, you can become a “Newster” and start working on client projects. If you are a talented freelance web developer, Gigster handles the business side for you.

Freelance Writing Websites


For a reasonable fee, you can access freelance writing jobs for beginners and amazing resources to build your skills. Members have access to open remote and on-location jobs, as well as a database of companies that regularly hire. If you upgrade your membership, you can even get a personal coach to help you build your portfolio and refine your craft.


Textbroker is free to use for freelance writers, giving them direct access to clients and writing resources. Writers can select from numerous open orders, allowing them to write as much or as little as they want. They can work on a flexible schedule, but they can also connect and form relationships with specific clients as well.


Freelance content copy and content writers can find remote work with established small businesses across various niches. The job board is easy to navigate and manage, with new positions constantly opening up.

Freelancers can take projects or find contracts that pay on a weekly or per month basis. The dashboard allows users to say on top of new jobs, manage their resume and use helpful writer resources.

Constant Content

Constant Content is one of the best freelance websites for beginner writers. Writers can make custom content for clients but the site also has ready-made content to pick up as needed. The service offers great flexibility and the chance to work on content that interests you.

SEO Websites


If you are an expert SEO freelancer, SEOclerk is one of the best freelance websites to start building a resume. Freelance marketing jobs are available that focus on building web traffic, improving on-page SEO and other online marketing initiatives. For beginners, the low barrier to entry makes SEOclerk a low-risk venture.


Another great platform for SEO professionals, Konker gives freelancers project opportunities that touch on every corner of SEO. Sellers benefit from low fees and extra ways to make money from promoting services. They can also create special deals and market themselves with help from the service.

Konker is great for SEO experts but there are many other marketing and tech fields in its mix. Audio engineers, videographers, designers and programmers can all find great employment opportunities.

There are plenty of amazing opportunities to capture in today’s freelance market. By starting with our list of the best freelance websites, you can begin pursuing your passions in a fulfilling career. For more great resources on winning clients in a thriving freelance landscape, follow our blog.

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